Abelia Kaleidoscope
Guide for Best Performance

Best Growing Conditions

Abelia ‘Kaleidoscope’ performs best under these conditions:
  • Full sun to partial shade promotes the best color and fullness.
  • Space 5 to 6 feet apart.
  • Add a slow release, high nitrogen fertilizer in the spring. A good, fertile plant will produce excellent color and retain foliage during the dormant period.
  • Occasionally, water shoots may appear and should be immediately pruned out.
  • Trim ‘Kaleidoscope’ anytime from spring through late summer.

Abelia Kaleidoscope
Planting Tips

  1. Plant in full sun for best foliage color.
  2. Use organic, well-drained, acidic soil.
  3. Dig planting hole twice as wide and slightly deeper than the root ball.
  4. Remove the plant from the container and loosen tangled roots.
  5. Top of the root ball should be slightly above ground level.
  6. Backfill the hole 3/4 full with loose organic soil and water thoroughly to remove any air pockets.
  7. Finish filling the hole with soil and pack lightly.
  8. Add a thick layer of organic mulch to help maintain even moisture until the plant is well established.
  9. Keep mulch away from the base of the plant.
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